On OIV's services
and platforms

With more than 95 years of tradition and know-how, we are continuously developing new services and platforms. Our networks covers transmission, distribution, content delivery and serve reliable public safety systems, protection and Internet of things.


Content distribution

OIV content distribution services give our clients the greatest reach in Croatia€™s territory, encompassing the recording and processing of content, contribution of live content and professional TV play out.

OIV OTT Video Cloud is a video on demand (VOD) Internet platform for the distribution of video content to users in our always-connected, any-device, any-screen world.

OIV HbbTV is a platform that allows television broadcasters to launch, administer and monetize interactive television services, HbbTV, with the display of personalized and clickable advertising formats on HbbTV programming.

OIV DAB+ digital radio provides broadcasters with the possibility of airing up to 10 channels of high-quality audio across a single radio frequency, launch new programming for more efficient segmentation of audiences and advertisers and achieve better interference-free audio quality. DAB+ radio receivers can also display related images, texts and animation.

OIV Playout MAX gives users a tool to launch linear television programming for distribution via DVB-T, IPTV or cable networks, as well as the Internet. We can distribute your new television channel to the leading television operators in the region, whether you use a terrestrial signal, satellite or the Internet (OTT).

Security and protection

OIV Fire Detect AI is an early fire detection system that uses Pano360 HD cameras for 360o surveillance with an AI algorithm to recognize smoke or fire and our dependable OIV infrastructure – all integrated into the consolidated OIV FireDetect AI solution.

OIV Pano360 HD offers high-quality panoramic video live streams with views of inhabited areas or high-altitude views. Users can integrate the HD-quality video stream into their own services or Internet and television content.

Cronect is a professional mobile radio network and a fully reliable system that will remain operational even in cases of natural disasters or interruption of conventional communication links. Cronect facilitates voice, text or data communication.

Internet of Things (IoT)

OIV Smartino IoT is a multi-purpose platform for the Internet of Things. Our dependable and secure infrastructure links IoT sensors with user applications. We offer users the possibility of implementation throughout Croatia€™s territory, including areas that lack the Internet or even electricity.