National coverage
for secure communication

Always available, no matter what

Our PMR network ensures high-quality, reliable and secure voice and data fixed and mobile communications available under all conditions.

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PMR services are an expansion of our mobile and fixed services based on digital professional radio systems in the UHF band. The national radio communication network is based on DMR Tier III trunking technology and is completely prepared to offer services to users at the national level.

By using services in our PMR network, you get coverage by means of transmission infrastructure facilities throughout Croatia, uninterrupted support and monitoring of service delivery through the Network Operations Centre, which only requires a minimum investment in infrastructure. You will experience savings on the cost of radio equipment maintenance, facilities and connectivity maintenance, and colocation and leased lines.

Furthermore, we will fully see to the upgrades and necessary expansion of network capacity.


coverage of Croatia’s territory (mobile stations)


coverage of Croatia’s territory (manual stations)


UHF band


III trunking technology

Advantages of using the Professional Mobile Network

We have a developed national mobile network based on microwave and fibre-optic links, and the leading telecom operators use our mobile network, i.e., two basic national networks at 4 and 8 GHz and a series of access links at 7, 13, 18 and 23 GHz. We manage the fibre-optic infrastructure of companies under majority state ownership, and our PMR network is characterized by high availability, robustness and security.

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Functionality and services in the PMR network 

Voice services

  • general calls, group calls, private calls, emergency calls, possibility of access to the public telephone network, call prioritization option

Data services

  • transmission of data, SDS messages and GPS data

Other services

  • possibility of GPS positioning of terminals, possibility of displaying positions and routes of individual terminals on different types of maps,
  • recording of all communication sessions that occur on digital communication channels assigned to a subscriber,
  • remote activation or deactivation of lost or stolen terminal devices,
  • designation and storage of events, calls and alarms with the possibility of exporting them to electronic formats
  • E2E encryption
  • other services that can be developed to meet user needs

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