Optical infrastructure:
data transmission

We are one of the leading providers of high-speed data transmission services in the Republic of Croatia. Our services support various technological platforms (PDH/SDH, Ethernet/GbEthernet, IP) and provide a system of fibre-optic transmission links based on highly reliable DWDM technology with a high level of redundancy.

We built a modern, continually expanding DWDM-based fibre-optic network to provide electronic communication services. The network was built by using the fibre-optic infrastructure of companies owned by the Republic of Croatia and it facilitates a wide range of telecommunications services thanks to high-speed data transmission (from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s) between the cities of Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Varaždin, Osijek, etc., and it is also used to distribute radio and television programming and provide multimedia services.

Reliability and capacity management for highly accessible services

We responsibly manage the state-owned fibre-optic infrastructure so that we can ensure a constantly reliable and secure optical infrastructure for public and commercial mission-critical services.


over 2,100 km


over 8,000 km


over 2,200 km of fibre-optic cables


used to implement the aggregate NPBBI network

We have built cable conduits to the satellite and multimedia hub in Deanovec and installed fibre-optic cables, which has made it possible for us to begin offering space colocation services at Deanovec for the storage of data to interested parties and to incorporate Deanovec into a transmission network with neighbouring countries for the purpose of rendering the highest quality satellite and multimedia services.

We are responsible for the technical implementation of the National NP-BBI Programme to develop a broadband infrastructure in areas in which there is insufficient commercial interest in investment. The authority in charge of the programme is the Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs. The anticipated completion of the planning and construction associated with this vital project is the end of 2023 at the latest.

We are continuing to expand the range of telecommunications services by increasing telecommunications capacity in the fibre-optic network, while we want every household in Croatia to have access to broadband internet so we are continually investing in the system and expansion of the fibre-optic communication network.

Our optical infrastructure capacities


GB/s optical internet backbone bandwidth


km of fibre-optic cables


Tbit/s DWDM system

Multiprotocol network (IP/MPLS)

We have launched a project to develop and establish a packet-based multiprotocol label switching (IP/MPLS) network by building on the existing DWDM-based transmission network.

The establishment of a multiprotocol network will facilitate:

  • the gradual migration of users of PDH/SDH telecommunication systems to IP (packet-based) systems,
  • new services adapted to user needs,
  • optimization of transmission system capacity,
  • simplified introduction of new technologies on the telecommunications market,
  • establishment of several parallel networks within OIV’s transmission network.

OIV’s system of fibre-optic networks

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Our optical network provides maximal reliability for mission-critical data transfers.