Network Operations

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From our own Network Operations Centre, we conduct 24/7 oversight of radio and television transmissions, telecommunications capacity, multimedia content, processing and transmission devices and equipment and infrastructure. We independently maintain devices and equipment so that we can ensure uninterrupted services. Besides the central NOC, we have 4 regional centres with teams that promptly respond to potential interference and go out into the field.

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NOC is one of OIV’s departments that works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week throughout the year. It primarily monitors OIV’s services (transmission of DVB-T2, FM, DAB+, leasing of capacity via microwave and optical links, DMR, etc.). After operational irregularities are observed, a surveillance and control team promptly informs the Systems Development and Maintenance Sector so that any difficulties are eliminated as soon as possible. Besides the surveillance and control team, our contact centre is charged with offering technical assistance when problems are reported in the reception of DVB-T2, DAB+ and FM signals as well as interference caused by mobile operator LTE base stations.

We additionally have a team charged with the planning, implementation and maintenance of a component of the oversight system that we currently use to monitor nine technological units (e.g. DVB-T2, FM, DAB+, microwave and optical links, energy, facilities infrastructure, surveillance networks and DMR). We conduct oversight via 15 individual surveillance and control systems, the so-called NMS (Network Management System) and one umbrella oversight system which, either directly or via the NMS integrated umbrella, oversees all active equipment.

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Are you interested in leasing the NOC as a service?

We offer you the possibility of leasing NOC as service for 24/7 monitoring of your communications infrastructure or service.