Mission-critical infrastructure

We have built our infrastructure based on dependable technologies above and below ground and enhanced redundant systems and the central Network Operations Centre with four regional centres, so that we can guarantee 99.99% uptime reliability for strategic national and commercial mission-critical services.



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OIV’s dependable infrastructure overseen from the central NOC with four regional centres, redundant systems and rapid field responses guarantee high reliability for mission-critical applications. It is precisely on these foundations that a dependable system was developed, which served as the basis for the development of an entire series of services for security and the protection of lives, the environment and property.

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The successful maintenance of such an immense system is possible only thanks to a committed and professional staff, which is at all times alert to ensure that there are no interruptions in operations and the rendering of services to our clients. Given our rich tradition, today our signal covers virtually 100% of the territory of the Republic of Croatia and we provide a nationally strategic infrastructure for the transmission and broadcasting of audio/video signals.

As one of the most technologically advanced companies of special national importance, we are leaders in the implementation of high tech and cutting-edge technological solutions. So today we offer a dependable network and platforms for the distribution of content from television and radio broadcasters.

We expect that the critical national infrastructure we are building and the services we offer will continue to be in high demand, which is why we are actively planning solutions based on the demands of our clients, taking into consideration that the quantity of information being used is constantly growing. Our plans and our future are predicated on these premises.

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virtually 100% coverage of Croatia’s territory with signals and networks

national infrastructure for transmission and broadcasting of digital video/audio signals

planning, construction and maintenance of television, radio and fibre-optic networks and platforms to distribute content and IoT

innovative solutions for public safety and security

+ 8000 km of fibre-optic core infrastructure for broadband Internet and 5G

planning solutions based on client needs

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We offer the possibility of using our infrastructure to install your electronic/communication/information equipment. Contact us with the details.