Terrestrial and

DVB-T2 terrestrial digital television


High-definition picture in all terrestrial television programming


(H.265) is the most modern video compression system


coverage with the DVB-T2 signal in Croatia


interactive television for engaged viewers

DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) is a system of transmitting television signals via digital techniques. The system is more resistant to signal interference and facilitates the reception of television signals at a considerable higher quality in comparison to the previous DVB-T digital terrestrial television signal. The DVB-T2 system allows for new additional services and functionalities such as searchable EPG, multi-channel audio, interactivity, coding, PayTV, and the further development of high resolution television.

The Republic of Croatia is divided into nine digital regions (Eng. allotments). Inside each allotment, transmission of the DVB-T2 signal is done using the SFN operating method.

Transition to the DVB-T2/HEVC television signal

We successfully implemented the national transition to the standard of digital terrestrial television with the most modern HEVC (H.265) system for video compression which was finalized in November 2020.

Read more about the national transition to the DVB-T2/HEVC signal here


DAB+ terrestrial digital radio

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a digital radio platform and it constitutes the greatest progress in radio technology since the introduction of stereo FM.

Digital radio gives listeners the opportunity for interference-free reception of radio signals, the possibility of a greater and simpler selection of programming with pure audio and additional textual and graphic services which accompany the audio content available on fixed digital receivers and in motor vehicles.


Ime slike

The OIV DAB+ platform for broadcasting a digital radio signal offers you the possibility of broadcasting up to 10 radio channels through a single radio frequency with high-quality audio. Besides a multimedia content display, broadcasters can display multimedia content and have additional advertising space in their new program channels.

New DAB+ digital radio services

DLS – display of text symbols on the receiver screen (title of song and performer name, title of broadcast, telephone numbers, brief notifications, etc.)

Journaline – an interactive service with textual information similar to teletext on television which is accessed through a menu.

MOT – (Multimedia Object Transfer Protocol); MOT applications include:

  • Slideshow, transmission of web-sites, a series of slides, consisting of HTML linked files organized in a cyclically transmitted tree structure.
  • EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) is an electronic version of a printed channel guide.

TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) is a specification developed for transport and travel information (news, navigation, parking, fuel prices, etc.) which can send messages to drivers about traffic in their own language, even if they are abroad.


of listeners in Croatia listen to the radio in their automobiles every day


of the population in Croatia is covered by the DAB+ digital signal


all new automobiles in the EU will have a DAB+ receiver


DAB+ channels can be broadcast over a single radio frequency

Analogue FM radio

With 77 transmitter locations, we cover 99% of Croatia's population with an FM radio signal.

We have transmitted radio programming on the FM band since 1957. We have developed and manage the following radio networks with concessions at the national level: HRT HR1, HRT HR2, HRT HR3 and HRT HR (Croatian Radio) locally.

See the table of analogue FM radio transmitters here.


Satellite transmission and reception

Teleport of terrestrial programming to a satellite or reception of a satellite signal for uninterrupted terrestrial transmission.

We transmit terrestrial television and radio programming to Eutelsat 16A from our Satellite Centre at Deanovec.

Using our PlayOut Max and HeadEnd Max, we can convert television and radio programming from other sources (OTT, IP/TV, Cable or HTTP stream) to a DVB-S signal and transmit it to a satellite.

The content that we broadcast by satellite can be received downstream and forwarded for broadcasting via terrestrial signal (DVB-T2 or DAB+ for digital radio) or, as needed, to OTT, IP/TV or cable distribution.

Transmission to Eutelsat 16A is intended for so-called DTH (Direct-to-Home) distribution, i.e., for direct distribution to end-users and distribution to cable distributers.

From OIV's Satellite and Multimedia Centre, equipped with 10 satellite transmission stations with dishes ranging from 2.4 to 7.6 m in diameter and over 20 satellite receiver dishes with diameters of 3.7 m and 2.4 m and with automated de-icing systems installed, we can transmit television and radio programming to any satellite visible from Croatian territory.

Broadcasting to satellites not visible from Croatia's territory (e.g., satellites meant to cover the Americas or Australia) can be done through cooperation with our partners.

Uncoded (free-to-air) radio and television programming can be received by any DVB-S MPEG4 receiver, while coded content requires a DVB-S MPEG4 receiver with a built-in Viaccess decoder module and a decoder card from the relevant television broadcaster.

See the programming that we transmit via satellite and the map of coverage by satellite signal here.



satellite transmission stations


satellite receiver dishes


free-to-air uncoded transmission


coded at client's request

Our services based on the terrestrial transmission infrastructure


Uncoded signal broadcasting service for publicly available free-to-air radio and television programming which users can access without a subscription.

DTV Premium

Premium DTV PayTV services for digital terrestrial television with MPEG-4 coding and a conditional access system (CAS).


A platform for terrestrial transmission of digital radio programming and sending of textual, graphic, pictorial and video data linked to audio content.

Teleport as service

Satellite transmission services encompass uplink/downlink of television and radio programming as a part of our multiplexes on Eutelsat 16A or any other satellite.