The first step to a 
successful career in OIV

We continually reward excellence, which is why we launched a scholarship programme for students who are our future.

We fulfil our mission and vision through a deliberate strategy in which we employ experienced experts and interns. This is why we offer an opportunity for professional internships in OIV to promising students whose dedication yields exceptional results after they receive scholarships, in compliance with the curriculum at their higher educational institutions.

Who can apply for our scholarships?

If you are a full-time undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in the academic year for which the scholarship is posted, you may apply.

What is the duration of a granted scholarship?

Monetary scholarships are conferred for a duration of twelve months and during a single year we only confer them to students who fulfil all of the stipulated criteria.

Where can I find invitations to apply for a scholarship?

We are certain that you keep abreast of the information vital to your professional development. This is why there is no need for concern, as our invitation to apply will be posted on the web-sites of your educational institution and OIV.

What are my chances of receiving your scholarship?

The decision on posting invitations to apply for scholarships and the number of scholarships that will be conferred is made by the OIV’s Management Board, so simply continue to work hard as you have thus far.

After the scholarships are conferred, we conclude employment contracts with students, and this is just the first step. The next step is to join our team so that we can jointly create the value that changes our everyday lives and operations.

Find detailed information on the terms and conditions for scholarships in our Rules.

We wish you great success!

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