OIV's management

We are OIV - Digital signals and networks

Management Board and middle management

Odašiljači i veze d.o.o. is a company under the 100% ownership of the Republic of Croatia and a commercial concern of strategic interest to the Republic of Croatia.

General Meeting

  • The Croatian Government, represented by the Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Maritime Affairs

Supervisory Board

E: nadzorni_odbor@oiv.hr

  • Krešo Antonović, chair
  • Ivan Damjanović, deputy chair
  • Damir Tkalčević, member

Management Board

Board of Auditors

E: revizorski_odbor@oiv.hr


Structure of operations inside OIV

The fundamental operational structure inside OIV consists of organizational units that handle the operative systems for rendering services in the fixed network telecommunications and use of the radiofrequency spectrum, planning and oversight tied to the construction and installation of telecommunications facilities, development of projects in the fields of electricity and electronics, installation, maintenance and calibration of telecommunications equipment, and performance of common tasks for the Company's needs. In the interest of high-quality management of the Company and operations, the Company was reorganized in early 2018.