Our concern for the environment is constant because we are committed to a green future

We accord considerable importance to environmental protection, and we continually work to protect the environment wherever and whenever possible.

Through our commitment to f environmental protection, we have instituted:

  • waste treatment in compliance with economic and environmental protection principles, which includes waste disposal in the manner stipulated by law
  • avoidance of waste generation if possible and its reuse for other purposes
  • preventive and interventional maintenance of equipment and installations
  • ongoing education and improvement of procedures in the environmental protection system
  • organized activity in case of unanticipated events based on intervention plans
  • the introduction of new technologies (reduction of electricity consumption, long-term reduction in the quantity of various types of waste...)


The Company has the ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environmental management systems. Thanks to our care for the environment, we are meeting the needs and expectations of current and future generations. Internal and external verifications of the environmental management system are conducted regularly and thoroughly.

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Energy management

The Company has the ISO 50001 certificate, testifying to its successful implementation of an energy management system.

The objectives and measures that the Company has implemented to manage energy in compliance with the Action Plan for 2017/2018 are:

  • changing the rate computation model for electricity from low to medium voltage
  • reduction of spending for extra-light fuel oil for heating by using excess heat from the FM and DVB-T transmitters and the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions
  • replacement of classical signal lights on antenna arrays with new LED signal lights
  • reconstruction of heating systems in individual facilities
  • reduction of spending on electricity for external lighting at numerous locations
  • procurement of electrical radiators at the close of the heating season
  • motor vehicle pool – procurement of electric/hybrid vehicles
  • rejuvenation of the motor vehicle pool with new vehicles
  • procurement of multipurpose equipment whenever possible (procurement of photocopiers, printers).