What’s it like to work for OIV?

92% of employees are happy with the work environment and corporate culture

A high quality and stimulating work environment is crucial to the motivation and success of each of our employees. Aware of the role and significance which each of us individually has to the achievement of our common objectives and the contributions that you make with your work so that we can be as successful as possible on that mark, your feedback is exceptionally important to the betterment of our corporate culture.

Key values upon which we develop our workplace culture


high-quality communication



A high 92% of our employees are satisfied with the jobs in OIV. Communication inside the work environment is crucial to our employees, wherein they mostly value openness, sincerity and responsibility.

This is precisely why we launched OIV’s magazine, an invaluable internal communication channel which encourages mutual trust and company-wide transparency.

Our employees have a positive image of our company

In the context of the workplace climate, sound mutual acquaintances, mutual esteem, readiness to help and sharing knowledge are valued the most.


organization’s image


workplace climate




basic working conditions

OIV’s organizational culture

Our organizational culture values openness and trust, which supports our people in their professional and individual development. This is why our employees participate in the creation of a positive work environment. The most important components of OIV’s organizational culture are personal influence on the size of rewards for our employees, salary rates, and satisfactory care for personal development with due recognition of individual contributions. Moreover, we place great importance on adequacy in the performance assessment of each individual employee, greater freedom of expression and the possibility of sharing information, with enhanced interdepartmental collaboration.

Professional training

Our employees acquire specialized and general expertise. Specialist expertise is most often acquired by training with the vendors of the equipment that OIV uses in the performance of its core activities, at conferences and seminars at home and abroad, and at in-house seminars. This is precisely why the increase in the number of employees who participate in various forms of professional training has been notable, and total investment in such education has seen parallel growth. Besides the standard schooling obtained in specialized educational institutions, a growing trend is in-house education led by employees who have expertise in specific fields, thereby placing particular emphasis on savings with regard to the free transfer of knowledge to the highest possible number of employees.

A transparent performance assessment and rewards system

Employees are aware of what they contribute and how they will be evaluated and rewarded.

we reward results

we permit freedom of expression

we commend excellence

we transparently measure progress and performance

we permit freedom of expression

we encourage teamwork

we pay for overtime work