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360° live video from remote locations

What is OIV Pano360 HD?

360° live video from remote locations

OIV Pano360 HD are cameras with panoramicviews of Croatian cities that provide a live feed to viewers at remote locations, with the possibility of control and data storage.

Who can use the service?

Television broadcasters


Tourism companies

State-owned concerns (fire departments, the national forest management company, weather stations)

Pano360 HD cameras

Two panoramic HD video camerasare installed on each of our transmitters, affording outstanding views of the surrounding areas.

Technical specifications of the cameras


  • High-quality upper mid-level cameras (price:>€2,000)
  • PTZ (Pan, tilt and zoom)
  • pan – 360°, tilt: +20° up, 90° down
  • 30x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom
  • Resolution: FULL HD 1920x1080
  • 264 (CBR/VBR) and M-JPEG coding
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Map of locations with panoramic cameras

What do we offer to users of OIV Pano360 HD services?

Delivery of high-resolution photographs in real time

Early wildfire detection project
OIV Fire Detect AI

User control of cameras with OIV services such as colocation and delivery of camera signals

Adaptation to user needs

Advantages and technical potential of OIV's reliable platforms

Ideal locations

Panoramic views of cities and their environs

Professional mobile network throughout Croatia

In-house storage (servers)

CDN (content distribution network)

Want to try Pano 360 HD service?

If you have capabilities, we can present you a demo of Pano 360 HD live video at your location.