Leasing optical cables and
data transmission

Cable leasing in different transmission systems


Our network encompasses all regional and county centres in Croatia, smaller towns, islands and a multitude of locations in which our clients have expressed an interest. The telecommunication capacity transfer service supports the most diverse technological platforms (PDH/SDH, Ethernet/GbEthernet, IP/MPLS) as well as high-speed data transmission.

Cable leasing may be accomplished via different transmission systems:

high-capacity based on SDH technology and access links in cities

based on DWDM and CWSM technology

Data transmission capacity and speed

E1 (2.048 Mbit/s)
E3 (34.368 Mbit/s)
DS3 (44.736 Mbit/s)

100M Ethernet
1G Ethernet
10G Ethernet

STM-1 (155.520 Mbit/s)
STM-4 (622.080 Mbit/s)
STM-16 (2,488.320 Mbit/s)
STM-64 (9,953.280 Mbit/s)

The service is rendered via highly reliable systems with a very high degree of redundancy.

At the client’s request, there is a possibility of linking points that are not contained in the existing OIV network, so that the necessary routes will be developed and secured for the needs of rendering services.

Always reliable and secure fibre-optic infrastructure


km of cable conduits


km of fibre-optic cables


km of leased fibre-optic cables


fibre-optic infrastructure is used for OIV’s fibre-optic system aggregate network

OIV’s fibre-optic system