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Satellite transmission service


We can transmit television and radio programming to any satellite visible from Croatian territory. Broadcasting to satellites not visible from Croatia’s territory can be done in collaboration with our partners.


Uplink/downlink of television and radio programming as a part of our multiplexes with Eutelsat 16A satellites or any other satellite visible from Croatia’s territory. Transmission to Eutelsat 16A is intended for DTH (direct-to-home) distribution, i.e., for direct distribution to end users and distribution to cable distributors. Transmission may be uncoded (FTA – free to air) or coded with the help of your Viaccess system, and we can implement coding and other systems depending on your needs.


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Related services

OIV Playout MAX

This service provides automated television broadcasting to viewers, which lowers costs for owners of content or programming rights and makes possible the simple launch of new television programming. The OIV Playout platform is situated in the Satellite and Multimedia Centre at Deanovec.


HeadEnd reformats/recompropresses all incoming formats into outgoing standards which are then forwarded via Playout (terrestrial, OTT, cable, IPTV). It also includes an interactive service platform together with a content protection platform and the accompanying applications for end-user devices.

Satellite transmission


satellite transmitter stations


satellite receiver dishes


(free-to-air) uncoded transmission


coded at client’s request





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