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We plan and design radio-communication and telecommunication networks and facilities, draft project documentation, design antennas and antenna arrays, and license programming packages for antenna arrays to transmit television and radio programming.

Our experienced and qualified team of certified engineers can offer the planning and design of radiocommunication and telecommunication networks and facilities, the drafting of project documentation in the field of electronic communication to obtain operating licenses, the design of electrical installation and facility grounding projects, the design of metal structures and mounts for different types of antennas and antenna arrays, the development of projects to install electronic communication equipment, and the supervision of facilities construction and equipment installation for electronic communications.


We have licensed programming packages to design antenna systems for transmission of radio and television programming, the development of radiation diagrams, the creation of coverage maps with digital terrain models and GIS data (population, transportation infrastructure, settlements, waterways, etc.), and the design of microwave and optical link systems.

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