Colocation of ECI equipment

Granting leases for electronic communication infrastructure


We offer clients the possibility of leasing space to install antennas on towers and air-conditioned rooms to install ECI equipment, all integrated into OIV’s dependable infrastructure with 24/7 remote surveillance and immediate deployment to the site.

Various radiocommunication and telecommunication equipment are installed at existing OIV sites, such as: radio and television transmitter equipment, GSM/UMTS/LTE equipment, microwave link devices, wireless equipment, satellite reception and transmission equipment, etc.

Colocation-related services




Key advantages


remote surveillance

24/7, 365 days per year

rapid response and deployment of teams to sites

Redundancy of key infrastructure

reserve power from 2 diesel generators

uninterrupted AC charge from redundant UPS devices

DC charge from systems with batteries in N+1 configuration


our technicians undergo continuous training in internal and off-site seminars organized by equipment manufacturers

our experienced installation technicians are qualified to install equipment on all types of towers and masts

Installation of equipment

Our experts on staff install and maintain various types of devices and equipment. Our engineers and technicians undergo continuous training at internal and off-site courses and seminars organized by equipment manufacturers, while our experienced and trained installation technicians are qualified to install equipment on all types of towers and masts.

Our employees can craft any type of mount or structure to hold our antennas and antenna arrays, as well as our clients’ equipment, in our own workshop.

  • transportation of equipment to our locations
  • production of mounts and structures to hold antennas and antenna arrays for our transmitters
  • installation of your equipment
  • testing prior to commencing operations

Redundancy and reliability of OIV’s infrastructure

Basic power is provided by the electrical system. Reserve power at the main transmitter sites is secured by diesel generators.

The more vital facilities are equipped with two diesel generators.

Uninterrupted AC power is provided by redundant UPS devices, while constant DC power is provided from the control systems with batteries in N+1 configuration.


Colocation is possible throughout Croatia’s territory


OIV sites throughout the Republic of Croatia


sites at which ECI leasing is available


sites and facilities to transmit radio and television programming

In our own workshop, OIV’s staff makes all types of mounts and structures so that antennas and antenna arrays can be securely fastened to transmitter towers and masts.

Ime slike

Antenna equipment on an OIV transmitter

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