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Interactive television for engaged viewers and personalized advertising

What is OIV HbbTV?

Interactive television for engaged viewers and personalized advertising

OIV HbbTV is a platform that allows television broadcasters to offer viewers interactivity and new content as a part of existing terrestrial television programming. This service is available to all viewers with terrestrial DVB-T2 TV signals and Smart televisions with HbbTV functions. HbbTV is a set of interactive and informative content which is activated with the red button on the remote control for terrestrial television programming that supports HbbTV.

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Advantages of HbbTV service

Advantages of HbbTV service




Recognize your opportunity

TV broadcasters and advertisers

Simple use

Linear television become interactive (without halting shows)

New advertising models and personalized television advertising

Analysis of viewership of content and advertisements in real time

Creative agencies

Advertisements over aired television programmes (interactive)

Advertisements over aired television programmes (non-interactive)

Full screen advertisements

Advertisements instead of commercials incorporated into television programming

Advertisements inside HbbTV applications

Links to online ad campaigns (Gemius and other advertising networks)


Television becomes an interactive hub, streaming box and gateway to new content and services

Watch television shows whenever you want

(VOD) – integrated into television channels

Participation in live programmes (voting, game shows)

Implementing personalized campaigns through interactive advertisements

Examples of user interaction through HbbTV content

OIV HbbTV platform

A turnkey solution to activate HbbTV in your television package

OIV HbbTV infrastructure

CMS - Cloud CMS to manage HbbTV content

simple addition of content and content management

development of content for apps

connection to current EPG sources

HbbTV apps - Apps integrated into the OIV HbbTV platform

information on shows



info services

voting in TV shows

OIV OTT Video Cloud - Deferred viewing and ad display control

time-delayed watching of television content

TV/radio shows on demand

interactivity (social networks)

OIV HbbTV Analytics - Viewership of television programming and ads in real time

reliable information on viewership

information on the duration of ad viewership

HbbTV Ad Server - Display of different ad formats in programming or HbbTV content

adaptable advertising (based on local television stations)

personalized advertising (display to desired target audience)

additional ad formats (interactive, non-interactive)

ads inside HbbTV apps



Key functions of the OIV HbbTV platform

Updating HbbTV content in Cloud CMS in a simple way

VOD (video on demand) via the OIV OTT Video Cloud solution

Apps to engage viewers

New ad formats

HbbTV viewership analysis in real time

OIV HbbTV brochure

All about our HbbTV service in printable format.