In October, OIV successfully expanded the OIV DWDM network with two new nodes, thus ensuring the connection of all corners of our country with fiber optic cable, which ensures redundancy and increases service availability. Namely, for many years OIV had planned to connect the north and south of Croatia with its optical fiber network based on DWDM technology.

By connecting the southern part of the Republic of Croatia by road, the necessary prerequisites for the realization of optical fiber connection have also been achieved, since the construction of the Pelješki Bridge and the access roads also included laying of the fiber optic cable. The connecting of the city of Dubrovnik itself started last year, and the last phase was also one of the most demanding. Thus, at the very end of the project, OIV pulled its cable from Zamaslina to the Franjo Tuđman bridge in Dubrovnik, that is, to the connection to the existing OIV fiber optic cable in Dubrovnik, which connects Srđ and Dubrovnik Airport.

It was a very complex and demanding section with a total length of the OIV fiber optic cable of approximately 44 kilometers, and the complete assembly of the DWDM equipment as well as calibration and commissioning were carried out by Matej Kihalić, Jan Šturik, Marko Dević and Nikola Sigurnjak while the connection of fiber optic cables was led by Milodrag Alerić.