In 2023, OIV started discussions about the potential of mutual business with the company CRATIS in the domain of ICT and electronic communication services, which both companies provide on the market in their field of activity.

The main driver of the idea was, at that time, the construction of the new carrier-neutral data center "DC North" in Varaždin, whose investor was CRATIS. "DC North" is the largest data center in Croatia strategically positioned at the intersection of three redundant fiber optic hubs (Slovenia, Hungary and Austria), which makes it the second most important point for data exchange in our country.

Likewise, "DC North" is also included in the list of Strategic Projects of the Republic of Croatia and is the only carrier-neutral data center outside the capital located in one of the earthquake zones, which makes it ideal for Disaster Recovery (DR).

For the needs of CRATIS, OIV designed and executed fiber-optic connection between "DC North" and an existing data center in Zagreb on a route approximately 111 kilometers long. The entire project was carried out by combining OIV's fiber optic infrastructure and Croatian Motorways' fiber optic infrastructure.

As part of the cooperation, CRATIS will provide OIV with the ICT service of collocation of OIV's equipment in the data center, as well as Managed Cloud and other ICT services in the field of advanced telecommunications and network solutions.

The completion of all elements of this business cooperation is expected during the first quarter of 2024.