The "Strategy and Plans Day", which for the eighth year in a row brings together all OIV employees, was held on January 23, 2024 in the Kraš Auditorium in Zagreb. With this event, the management presents the achieved business results and expectations for the following period in a transparent manner.

The President of the Management Board, Mate Botica, presented the achievements and accomplishments of the previous year and expressed his satisfaction with the progress and excellent results. He also emphasized that new standards are being set and an environment is being created that will give rise to new successes as well as expressed hope that through the presented ambitious goals, we will gain additional momentum and ensure a bright future for everyone. 

"How to further strengthen OIV?"

Given that the organization is primarily made up of its employees, a short panel called "How to further strengthen OIV?" was held.OIV’s employees Davor Ilijaš, Josipa Vincetić, Iva Žanetić, Mislav Grubeša, Adrian Agnić and Bernard Borković, together with moderator Anita Škornjak shared their views on habits, learning and their understanding of company culture and career development.

In addition to the panel discussion, the content was further enriched by a surprise guest, Davor Rostuhar, a travel writer, photographer, and adventurer who in 2018 became the first Croatian to walk from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole.

Through his motivational lecture "The Polar Dream", he explained how with good preparation, careful study, dedication to details, self-work, perseverance, and correct motivation, even the most ambitious goals can become attainable.