Despite the rapid technological changes, the radio still serves as an important companion in our everyday lives. It is an important medium that is followed daily by a large part of the population, and is listened to, on average, for several hours a day in various situations. 

What is digital radio?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a system for broadcasting high-quality digital audio programs and accompanying data services intended for reception via receivers similar to those in FM. The signal is transmitted and received "over the air", i.e. by antennas, just like the analog FM signal, but the difference is that the transmission and reception is not carried out in analog form, but in the digital one. However, given the wide range of services it provides, DAB+ is much more than a digitized audio program.

Through DAB+, listeners get reception without interference, the possibility of a larger and simpler choice of pure sound programs and additional textual, graphic, and video data related to audio content such as album covers, song and artist information, electronic program guide, etc., and all completely free and without internet costs and.It is necessary to note that the FM spectrum at the national and regional level and in larger cities is full and there are no new available frequencies, and the biggest advantage of digital radio for both listeners and broadcasters is the ability to transmit and receive a greater number of programs.

Coverage of the Republic of Croatia

In the first year of test broadcasting, which began in 2017, DAB+ was broadcast from four transmitters, and by the end 2022 the number of locations grew to as many as 26. Currently, 97 % of the Croatian population is within reach of the DAB+ signal, while highway coverage is 93 %. 

DAB+ as a green technology

It should also be noted that DAB+ technology is in line with the national development strategy for green and digital transition due to a significant reduction in electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.Namely, the long-term goal of the European Union, and thus of Croatia, is to become "climate neutral" in less than 30 years. DAB+ is the solution that consumes the least energy for radio listening because it requires a smaller number of transmitters, and energy consumption does not increase with the increase in the number of users, as is the case of streaming.

Significantly lower energy consumption is the most significant contribution to environmental protection, since reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, i.e. reducing the carbon footprint, achieves a more sustainable, so-called "green broadcasting". Likewise, research has shown that there is a significant reduction in non-ionizing EM radiation per transmitter location.


97 %

population coverage of the Republic of Croatia

93 %

highway coverage


all new cars in the EU must have a DAB+ receiver