At the 12th Electronic Media Days, Senior Technology Advisor Tigran Vržina and Key Customer Manager Toni Tenjer participated in the panel discussion held today on the topic of “New Technologies and Media.” OIV’s representatives thoroughly described HbbTV, DAB+ and DVB-T2 technologies. The advantages and novelties of these services were also presented, and particular interest was prompted by the possibility of free hybrid television services, as well as DAB+ which, although focused on audio services, also includes the possibility of broadcasting data that may, but need not be, linked to the corresponding audio content.

“Changes are coming to free over-the-air programming in digital terrestrial television in the coming period of roughly eight months. The existing DVB-T/MPEG-2 networks are being phased out, and transmission will continue in the new DVB-T2/HEVC system,” Vržina said, describing the tempo of the network’s development and its roll-out deadlines.

He also announced that OIV, for the purpose of facilitating a successful transition to the new system of transmission, will devise and implement a comprehensive, engaging and focused promotional campaign to inform the public and other market stakeholders, and he invited those gathered to attend the DVB workshop “Future Trends in Terrestrial Broadcasting,” which will be held in Zagreb on 26 November 2019.