Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić, OIV CEO Mate Botica and Zvonimir Jurin from the top management of KONČAR – Elektronike i informatike (KONČAR-INEM) today signed the Agreement on Implementation of the Pilot Project “SenzorIKA – Remote Reading of Meters and Sensors” in the Small Council Chamber in Karlovac.

As part of the project, the “smart cities” test system will be implemented with visualization of data for citizens that will enable the collection of data on consumption of energy and water, air quality and temperature, gathered waste and the status of parking lots. The system is based on an integrated solution devised by OIV and KONČAR-INEM which makes use of OIV’s Smartino IoT (LoRaWAN) technology for data transmission and INEM’s MARS software for data processing and visualization.

The system facilitates the reception of data from devices made by various manufacturers, oversight and management using the low-power LoRaWAN radio network which also allows for the use of battery-powered devices and all data are available to the operating systems of city-owned companies, and also to citizens as needed. LoRaWAN technology covers a broad spectrum of applications, from water meters, natural gas meters, electricity meters, through management and control of public lighting, air quality sensors, parking lot occupancy, to river water level sensors, sensors for temperature, humidity and water quality and GPS monitoring. They further facilitate the integration of other technologies and the integration of existing end-user devices in the LoRaWAN eco-system.

By means of collection, distribution and analysis of data, the project’s aim is to ascertain which useful data must be generated by the system, all to ensure more efficient management in the future and better results for the city government and other city entities, as well as strategic decision-making for further development and higher quality services for citizens. The data will be used, among other things, to prepare projects under the Strategy for applying for financing from future non-refundable ESI funds, as well as other potential innovative European Union programmes that foster the development of smart cities.

Additionally, the City of Karlovac and city-owned companies will acquire the necessary experience and insight into the relevant technology and Smart City solutions that will facilitate the improvement of operations through savings, optimization and innovative services, while citizens will gain the opportunity to use innovative services that ensure a higher quality of living in the City of Karlovac and optimum use of resources.