Sljeme Tower

A recognizable symbol of Zagreb and one of Croatia’s most vital transmitter locations

The Sljeme Tower is the visual trademark of Medvednica Mountain and the highest point above the city of Zagreb from which a panoramic view of the entire city and the Zagreb highlands can be seen. Construction of the tower began in 1973 and lasted until 1976, when it began operating on the 50th anniversary of radio and the 20th anniversary of television.

Even from farther away, when you approach Zagreb on the motorway, the first notable sight to see is the tower topped by an antenna which juts from the mountain. It is made of reinforced concrete and iron at the highest point on Medvednica, at 1,301 meters above sea level, and its basic purpose is to provide the transmission of television and radio signals which have now been enhanced by OIV’s services. Originally two television channels (TVZ1 and TVZ2) and three radio channels (Radio Zagreb 1 and 2 and Radio Sljeme) were transmitted from the Sljeme Tower.

Besides this, from the very beginning the tower was the destination of many hikers, nature-lovers, skiers and other recreationists who wanted to savour the magnificent view on their visits to Medvednica.

On 16 September 1991, the Tower was struck multiple times by missiles fired by the Yugoslav Air Force, causing an interruption in broadcasting of Croatian Television, although the damage was quickly repaired. After Croatia gained its independence, the Tower was under the joint ownership of OIV and Croatian Telecom (T-HT), but in 2017 it came under the full ownership of OIV.

Interesting facts about Sljeme Tower

92 m

high up to its roof structure

169 m

total height

83 m

high at the viewing deck

75 m

high at the restaurant

Tower of the future

In April 2019, we began the renovation of Sljeme Tower’s exterior so that we could once more open its doors to visitors with the goal of offering them amenities that will tell a story with the loveliest view of the city of Zagreb.

This time, we have planned unforgettable amenities for guests, which include a rotating restaurant, outdoor and indoor viewing decks, a souvenir shop and a museum that will open at the same time as the Sljeme cable car service.

“We will fully renovate the tower and introduce amenities that will be open to visitors. Coming to Sljeme and visiting the viewing decks at a height of 81 m will provide an unforgettable panoramic view of Zagreb and the Zagorje region.”

Since the transmitters are today adjusted remotely, there is no longer a need for additional equipment or on-site staff. The house located next to the Tower, in which OIV staff members resided, will be remodelled as a part of overall renovation works. The residential rooms on the upper floor will be remodelled into guest rooms for overnight stays, while the lower level will house the OIV Museum, which will also serve as a meeting hall and children’s educational facility.

Amenities for visitors in the renovated Tower

Rotating restaurant

Viewing decks (outdoor and indoor)

Souvenir shop

OIV Museum