All the qualities of the professional radio network Cronect were recognized by HEP-ODS d.o.o. which was confirmed through many years of using this service in the Dubrovnik area.

By providing voice service, transmission of short messages and geographical display of users on the graphical interface through the dispatcher application, OIV has met the expectations of users in the consumption area of ​​Jug HEP-ODS. A high level of communication security and monitoring is achieved through a recording service that digitally saves all voice and data communications for a long time in the system. The complete service is rounded off by providing high quality as well as fast customer support, during which OIV adapts to the needs of the user.

At the end of 2022 HEP-ODS and OIV signed a new four-year contract for the use of services of the PMR Cronect network and the implementation of the contract and the use of services in the area of ​​Dalmatia began at the beginning of 2023. OIV currently provides Cronect service for the needs of HEP-ODS in consumption areas with centers stationed in cities Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik. In order to meet the specific user requirements and maintain the quality of services, as well improve the availability of services in rural, less populated areas, OIV technically upgraded the system in a timely manner during the past investment period by installing four additional, brand new base stations and two DAS systems.

With this upgrade, the existing standard of PMR services in the whole of Dalmatia was raised, both for HEP-ODS and for all other users of the Cronect radio network.