With the increasing demand for electricity, new business models have been developed, one of which is a virtual power plant that should enable more efficient energy use.

KOER is a technological company which developed the infrastructure of the first Croatian virtual power plant. With that, it has become the first Croatian aggregator that serves as a link between the electricity market and end-users who are part of the virtual power plant.

For about a year now, OIV has been a part of this project which enables users to sell excess electricity when they are not using it. Thus, they become operators of virtual power plants, with the opportunity of making a part of their electricity consumption and production capacity available.

OIV’s facilities for backup power use diesel generators that must be in constant standby mode for automatic operation in case of power outage. This collaboration gives them a second function, and by making additional use of the company's assets, it contributes to the stabilization of the power system. Starting up these generators, or rather, the OIV virtual power plant, results in a certain financial benefit.

„It has been a year since joining KOER’s virtual power plant. In these 365 days, we have had reserved capacity for 350 days, and the virtual power plant has been activated seven time for balancing needs. OIV participates with nine generators in the virtual power plant, and the received financial compensation has practically covered the regular maintenance of all our generators, approximately 50 of them.  Our partner KOER, also held several presentations on the operation of the virtual power plant to other potential partners at OIV’s facilities such as Učka, Belje “Đuro Podboj”, and Sljeme. In the future, we expect new changes of the electricity market rules so that we can offer even larger capacities through the virtual power plant by providing additional energy to the network” emphasized Ivica Grgić, Head of OIV’s Energy department and Project Manager.