Senior Research and Strategic Planning Advisor Slaven Božo held a presentation today at Lider’s conference “Smart cities 2019 on “OIV’s IoT infrastructure for Smart Cities” in which he exhaustively presented OIV’s Smartino service.


OIV Smartino IoT is a multi-purpose platform for innovative solutions for the Internet of Things, and its reliable infrastructure links IoT sensors to IoT applications and users. With 24/7 oversight and secure control, implementation is available to users throughout Croatia’s territory, including areas that do not have the Internet or even electricity.

Moreover, OIV’s expert team held a live demonstration of the numerous possibilities offered by the OIV Smartino IoT platform, since its applications are limitless, and they are best represented in smart cities, environmental protection, agriculture, tourism, security and other areas of digital transformation for Industry 4.0, M2M.

The conference gathered representatives of cities, entrepreneurs offering smart solutions, the academic community and public sector so that they can jointly find answers to pressing questions and detect high-quality examples of implementation of smart solutions in practice.