Rapid development of modern telecommunications, mobile networks and the growing demands of high-speed Internet access demand even higher transmission speeds and with that fiber-optic infrastructure becomes imperative. In 2014, OIV placed on the market surplus fibre-optic infrastructure and began connecting key facilities with optical fibers. During the first years, important transmitter facilities were connected in each of the four regions - Sljeme, Učka, Josipovac and Biokovo. This is a very complex process, therefore several departments within OIV are involved in the project.

Plans for the future

Building the network is a continuous process and a prerequisite for the stability and reliability of all OIV's services, as well as the services we provide to users. In addition to numerous buildings that have been connected by optical fiber in the past period, such as Labinštica, Ćelevac and Pelješac Bridge, OIV continues with new projects in 2023. Some of them have already started, like the one at Srđ and Promina and in the coming period, the plan is to connect Psunj and Uljenje as well as a number of smaller locations such as Šestine, Tusti Vrh, Perković, Vrgorac Gomila and Velika Petka.