On May 15, OIV is celebrating two important anniversaries. It has been 95 years since the first medium wave radio broadcast on St. Mark’s Square in the heart of Zagreb.

Thirty years later, on 15th May 1956 the first television transmitter in Croatia started operating at the mountain lodge Tomislavov dom on Sljeme. That marked the inauguration of a new medium, one that has changed our lives and one that remains most relevant even today. 

Our accomplishments and progress through the years comes not only on the back of longstanding tradition and dedicated work, but by continuous development of new products and regular upgrade of our rich portfolio of services.

Over the past decade significant funds have been invested in the development of digital terrestrial television network infrastructure. Following the roll out of DVB-T in 2010, OIV has successfully completed another major project in 2020 - the transition to new DVB-T2 broadcast technology.

We will continue to build upon our almost a century long tradition by implementing new strategic initiatives focused on innovation and by adapting our services to new technologies, market demands and the needs of our customers.