Yesterday, a contract was signed by OIV's subsidiary company, OIV Towers COM, leasing a part of OIV Tower Sljeme for a period of fifteen years. This marks the end of the company's years-long effort to enable tourism activities in its most attractive facility and provide citizens and tourists access to the tower with one of the most beautiful views in Croatia.

The tower is one of the symbols of the city of Zagreb and the highest point above the capital of the Republic of Croatia, with a panoramic view of the entire city, as well as Croatian Zagorje all the way to the Slovenian Alps, making it interesting for a wider audience such as nature lovers and tourists.

OIV Tower Sljeme was built in 1976 and, in addition to its primary function of broadcasting television and radio signals, was open to the public for a short time during the 1980's. The tower was built to meet the needs of analog radio and television broadcasting technology and telecommunications radio relay links. However, with the development and modernization of the IT industry, as well as broadcasting technology, the volume of equipment has decreased.

As of January 2020, the facility has been automated, certain parts of the tower have been repurposed, and a renovation project has been launched. With this renovation the first prerequisites for the possibility of monetizing of unused space have been met.

The subsidiary company, OIV Towers COM, was founded with the aim of utilizing facilities that are no longer required by OIV for its core business.

"Since OIV is a legal entity of special state interest whose core activity is the transmission and broadcasting of radio and television programs, the idea was to separate non-core activities into a separate commercial company, thereby gaining a higher degree of agility and business, operational and market autonomy," said Mate Botica, CEO of OIV.

To commercialize the unused capacity of the tower on Sljeme and expand its offerings, the subsidiary company issued a public call for interested business entities to lease the tower for several years. After selecting the most favorable bidder and signing the contract, the Sljeme tower will be handed over to the new lessee for management and refurbishment, and thus one of the strategic goals of revitalizing and commercializing unused facilities with tourism potential owned by OIV has been realized. The bidder listed several attractive activities in the tower's future operations, with the realization of which the tower will become interesting to a wide range of visitors, and Zagreb will thus gain a new tourist attraction at the top of Sljeme.